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Work is work, play is play epitomises Tommy. What an outstanding teacher. Even after 7 or 8 hours in the class. We all could have stayed for more top quality tuition. Without a doubt the best of the best.
Stephen Moraud
I recently passed my CCTV and security guard training with Tommy tucker and I have my security guard licence now now and will have my CCTV licence very soon. Tommy tucker as a great trainer very interesting lessons thank you for everything
Mark Hall
I recently completed security, conflict management, and first aid training with Tommy. He is a great teacher and his knowledge of the sectors is invaluable. A highly recommended training provider! Thanks again.
Tom S
I did first Aid corse with Tommy, was amazing easy to understand thanks Tommy you are the best
Khalid Ziada
Would like to say thank you, was a fab course. Tommy was very helpful and understanding and went out of his way . Like to say it made us a good team and definitely would recommend this .
Thank you
Just wanted to say thank you to Tommy for the security course I’ve just completed. I had a few problems at home, and he went the extra mile for me and a couple of others on the course. He is personable, treats people with respect and empathy but is certainly not a soft touch. If you put it in for him, he will return it in spades in return. I cannot thank him enough for everything he did for me.
Chris Drage
Recently done a security course with Tommy Tucker, and couldn't fault him or the course. Very professional and one of the most caring tutors I've experienced. The course itself taught me so much, I guarantee you'll laugh, joke and have one of the best experiences of your life joining a course with Tommy Tucker. Thank you again for the humorous and amazing experience throughout the course!
Luke Mikowski
I have recently just done a security guard training course with Tommy at Reading College. He is a kind instructor and top notch a great guy. Good fun and brilliant sense of humour and takes the training seriously. I passed with high marks all thanks to his training and I’m thankful for it. All I can say is this, for anyone who has an interest in getting into security and wants the best training Tommy is hands down your go to guy.
Craig Fappiano
Done a training course recently and it exceeded my expectations! It is was extremely well presented and what impressed me the most is the way that Tommy taught us and presented the training. 5 star will definitely recommend and hopefully I will be back to do the CCTV in February. Very valuable information and beneficial. Thanks
Steven Strong
Recently just did a training course with Tommy, hearing he was ex military had me on edge but from minute one I felt at home, excellent and professional interactions with humour throughout, not only does he teach but also adds personal touches and personal experience into it that helps students connect, really well done Tommy!
Steve Pringle
Tommy is one of those trainers you will never forget in the best way possible. Dedicated, good hearted, helpful, everything you would want and more from a teacher. I never enjoyed classes as much as I did. Thank you!

Reading College
Tommy's wealth of knowledge of the industry is 7 Star. He projects himself very well teaching and has a great understanding that we all retain information at different levels and is always there to help with different learning tools. I found it very helpful when examples were given which helped me bond his life experience with what I learnt. His sharp eyes are always scanning and will know if you're not serious about learning. On a personal level Tommy has helped me far greater than any therapist.

After being an unfortunate victim back in 2018, Tommy's good Spirited Soul and being a Safeguarding Officer dropped knowledge to me that I only wish I had back in 2019. I took on board his advice and came back the next day feeling Powerful and knew my purpose. I can't thank this Legend Tommy enough and know that I will keep in contact with him whether it be work opportunities or as a Tutor. He's an amazing man and strongly recommend his services to those that want to learn the right way and put the hard work in to pass his course. We need more good men like this in a world we live where Wolves hide in Sheep clothing, this Guy is Real and teaching skills as I said are on Point 110%.

Thank you and God Bless you Tommy for helping me in ways you'll never know!
Tommy is a very good trainer. 5 star rating from me! Always makes sure the whole class is involved, and makes the course fun. He always goes out of his way to give you all the help you need. I had the best time doing security and cctv.
Jade Buckthorpe
Tommy is a fantastic trainer,he gets everyone involved. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to do their SIA, CCTV and first aid courses.
Tommy is hands down a great trainer. My level of confidence since being on the course has improved and even whilst on the course. He is very thorough and by the book with his teaching and it’s obvious how passionate he is about what he does and that he only wants you to achieve the best that you can. I would highly recommend him thanks so much Tommy you’re the best!
Shashana Thompson
Tommy is a great guy who makes learning easy and fun and his knowledge in the security sector is top-notch. 10/10
Great Teacher and Great Guy!
100% Recommend.
Tommy is a great trainer 5 stars, I take with me a wealth of valuable information.
D Preston, Oxford
The course was amazing, Tommy is easily the best trainer around because he fits his training to your needs and he focuses and adapts to what you can and can't do.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone, I'm now in work because of him.
Josh hall
I completed my S.I.A. course with Tommy, who I found to be a wonderful trainer. Very patient and professional. Everything was explained to the full. I really enjoyed the coarse and would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of going into security.
Freya Robertson
After spending most of my adult life in the armed forces doing alot of security roles. I started my sia and cctv with Tommy and I would recommend his services to anyone looking to work in the sector. He is very professional and polite and his knowledge is outstanding. His sia and cctv training schedule's are amazing and professional but still fun. I would recommend to anyone looking to work in security to contact Tommy and do your training with him.
Adam Cowibs
Tommy is a great teacher and spot on guy i really enjoyed learning from him i would definitely recommend to any one who's thinking about getting in to security and cctv 10/10
Peter Null
Tommy is an excellent trainer. Couldn't give him any flaws about his CCTV and SIA course 10/10. Was very helpful and made everything pretty clear and if there was something you didnt understand just ask questions and Tommy made easier way to explain and understand. Will definitely be recommending if anyone of my friends or family want to get into secruity.
Ezra Goff
Tommy is a fantastic trainer!! Have done my first aid and door supervision courses with him, would recommend him to everyone who wanted training in his fields of expertise!!
J Burton
5 stars... professional, fun and engaging training. Highly recommended!
C Busby
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